The first quarter of 2017 has been a successful, interestingly challenging and fruitful series of weeks in the Henley Exec Ed arena.

Firstly, we are delighted to welcome Dr Janet Brumme to the role of Delivery Head for Exec Ed. The volume and complexity of programmes has grown to such an extent over the last few months, that the team is needing additional expertise to manage sustainably and with the level of excellence that we wish to maintain. Janet will be introduced personally in this newsletter.

In addition, we have created permanent positions for Phindi Nhlapho and Lukie Magale, both of whom were recruited contractually by virtue of our Eskom work. In addition, they have shown the level of skill required to function efficiently and collegially in their roles as Programme Coordinators in the broader team.

The above positions have been have become feasible by virtue of our increased client and hence increased programme activity – in May, for instance, we will be running, on average, seven concurrent programmes per week.

Some of the new and repeat wins include the following:

  1. AON Bold (a repeat of Mastering Bold Leadership run in 2016/17)
  2. Denel (repeat programmes – JMP, MMP (NQF6) and SMP (NQF8), for the 3rd year)
  3. Adcorp (a repeat of the Advanced Certificate in Management Practice – NQF6)
  4. Liberty (a repeat of Level 1 Innovation Cataysts as run in 2016)
  5. African Rainbow Minerals (a repeat of the Women in Leadership PGDip run in 2016)
  6. Food Lover’s Market (a repeat of the Advanced certificate NQF6 run in 2016)
  7. FirstRand Junior Compliance (a repeat of the initial foundational programme of 2016)
  8. Eskom MMP (a repeat of the MMP work done in 2015 and 2016)
  9. Primedia – an intern development programme
  10. Standard Bank Foundational programmes
  11. Siemens – a series of mentoring and coaching interventions
  12. Adcorp – in addition to the NQF6 programme above, we have been contracted to run a PGDip in Management Practice at NQF8 and a Foundational programme this year
  13. Schneider Electric – an interesting programme to be run in a blended manner for their junior/graduate employees across the continent
  14. Danone Dubai – a senior coaching programme to be run in Dubai
  15. Heineken – a short course for a large audience covering personal mastery and strategy
  16. MWRInfoSecurity – a commercial development progamme for account directors


In late 2016 we heard the good news that we had been successful in securing two tenders with SARS – the first a series of Postgraduate Diploma programmes across a three year period; and secondly a series of Women in Leadership programmes across the same period. Both programmes have commenced and we are really enjoyin the level of delegate, their commitment and drive.

We continue to run our various Open Programmes – as advertised on our web. We have recently partnered with Raldu Nel of Blank Canvas to offer some innovative short courses such as Gearing the Workforce of the Future and the 10 Commandments of a Communication Strategy. Dr Julian Day has designed a Resilient Project Management programme, with the clever inclusion of an NGO project that provides for tangible, realistic programme outcomes that have a strong social angle.

We have just recently been given the go-ahead to run a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice with Liberty, specialising in Innovation. This too should be a really interesting quaificatoin for both provider and client. We learn so much from each and every programme we run and every client interaction.

As Exec Ed, we have launched a series of talks for various audiences – the first one run in April will be showcased in this newsletter. A most insightful evening with Niukki Bush and two superb guests. We intend to host book launches (watch out for Dr Andrew Johnson’s launch), a series of interesting debates on topical issues and expert inputs on cutting edge topics such as Our Abundant Future by Mandy Lebides.

Thanks to our loyal clients who continue to co-create really interesting and unique developmental opportunities for their talent. And to the Exec Ed and BD team who work tirelessly to ensure it all gets done to a level that keeps clients coming back for more – and more.