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There is a story about a business school that, when students begin an MBA business programme, will tell them to bring a photograph of their family and then advise them to say goodbye to their families for two years.

“Henley believes that completing an MBA should not have a negative effect on the student or their family. Henley hosts a number of Family Friendly events that are aimed at providing the necessary advice and support to assist the student in managing both their time and family life more effectively and each event provides entertainment for children”, MBA director Dr Adri Drotski, Henley Africa

“It’s irresponsible and unnecessary for MBA programmes to be designed in such a way that they damage families and children. Good educators can do better,” dean and director Professor Jon Foster-Pedley, Henley Africa

“The quality of a relationship is directly proportional to the quality of the communication within that relationship. And the quality of the communication is directly proportional to the awareness (consciousness) and understanding each person has of the other person’s reality,” Robin Booth, internationally-recognised speaker

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