27 Henley Business School Africa 2016 Wholesale and Retail SETA (W&RSETA) International Leadership Development Programme (ILDP) students have graduated and were awarded certificates.

Junaid Rashid, regional manager for Woolworths, was awarded top student on the programme. ”The course was deeply insightful and has helped reaffirm that South Africans can be proud of the work we do in retail. It truly was the experience of a lifetime.”

“The international exposure is of great value, but more importantly the people we met and learned from opened new opportunities on which to build. Henley was a great facilitator to the learning journey. The Henley faculty, facilities and subject matter experts, were of an exceptionally high standard,” he said.

Mr Pascalis Mokupo, Administrator at W&RSETA, said the delegates unanimously agree that whilst the international tour provides new learning experiences, the South African retail sector is on a par with its international counterparts, and in some areas, SA is ahead. “The international hosts were impressed by the high level of participation and interaction amongst our delegates from whom they said they also learnt,” he said.

Another graduate of the programme, Junade Adams, airport manager at Capilux, added: “The W&RSETA ILDP becomes a part of your life, family, work and friends. It has been a life experience and character building exercise of its finest. Travelling abroad has broadened my horizons and exposed me to the vast possibilities the business world has to offer. Henley is a deeply human organisation and I thank both them and W&RSETA for their commitment to this important industry sector.”

Dean of Henley Africa, Jon Foster-Pedley, said W&RSETA’s mission is to facilitate the skills development needs of the wholesale and retail sector through the one-year ILDP. Launched in 2009 with 15 delegates it now has over 350 alumni.

“The group of students visited Russia, China and Ghana, where they completed a week-long supply chain programme in each country presented by a number of internationally-recognised guest speakers covering strategic topics,” he said.

Henley Africa is an international business school and is triple accredited. “Henley has been in SA for 25 years and is the only overseas business school accredited in SA. We are committed to transformation and enablement, and use our international campuses and resources to serve growth here, in a servant academia model, adhering to the Council on Higher Education model,” said Mr Foster-Pedley.