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For prospective MBA students with only a matric, there are courses to follow that will lead to an MBA at Henley, starting with the Managers’ Launch Pad Programme (MLP). This will take the delegate on a journey, growing from an entry level manager to a high-level leadership position.

Following on with the MLP, students with early management experience can then do Henley’s Managers’ Launch Pad Programme (MLP). Then for junior and emerging middle management, Henley offers the Accredited Managers’ Programme (AMP) or Managers’ Accelerated Programme (MAP).
Once in a middle to emerging senior managers position, there is the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDip) and the Professional Certificate in Coaching (PCIC). Once this is completed, experienced senior managers can go on to do an MBA or the MBA+ for Creative Innovators and Activists at Henley Africa.