As the summer comes to an end, amongst many economic and political challenges, we see a continued determination among South African people to develop their skills as a foundation for secure employment and for building new businesses. And it’s good to know that, for the first time in many years, the dams are full and water is assured through the winter.

During February I attended the European Foundation for Management Development conference for deans and directors in Slovenia with 320 deans from 50 countries. We covered a series of thought-provoking topics including the concept of the precariat, a new social class formed by people who have existence and employment without predictability or security. Other topics included the risk of climate change to business and of developing new forms of learning spaces.

February also saw the graduation of BankSeta students who were addressed by Tim Masela of the Reserve Bank, the opening of our new SARS programs, and a week-long visit to our campus by executive MBA students from the University of Toronto. Nikki Bush gave the first of this year’s family friendly series lectures on successful parenting in order to help our MBA students with family balance during their studies.

Our MBA program, PGDip and accredited managers’ programs are attracting excellent applicants. Our executive education programs, including programs on innovation, women in leadership, and customised programs are growing rapidly based on our building reputation for quality international delivery. Most importantly we have succeeded in attracting some excellent new staff via our ‘Giants Wanted’ recruitment campaign.
So from me, thanks to all our clients, students, staff and educators.

Jon Foster-Pedley
Dean and director
Henley Business School, Africa