Nikki Bush will be giving part two of her ‘Parenting on the Run’ talk at Henley Business School Africa’s MBA Family-Friendly event, on Wednesday 22 February at 6:30pm. She presented part one last year at Henley and received excellent reviews.

The talk has been supported by numerous Henley MBA and executive students. It provides techniques that can help busy parents become more effective, more connected and more fun-to-be-around.

Mrs Bush says most of the face-to-face communication that busy parents have with their children is often spent telling them what to do, chasing them to get dressed, eat, do their homework, bath and get to bed.

“Children don’t really mind whether you are working or busy, as long as they get more of your happiness and less of your stress when you are with them. They want more face-to-face time which can be a real challenge unless you invite them in to do normal every day stuff together,” she says.

Spending dinner time together as a family is the perfect time to acknowledge each other, face-to-face. Discussing the day’s events and challenges, always with a positive angle and how a particular problem was solved, helps children work through their own challenges and learn from each other.

She also has answers for every parent’s most testing modern challenge: obsession with iPads, phones and social media. She has written a book entitled ‘Tech Savvy Parenting’ in response.

Jon Foster-Pedley, dean of Henley Africa, said the Family Friendly series has helped many of Henley’s MBA and executive education students and staff with family life and parenting and has provided positive feedback from applying the principles.

“As a parent of young children myself, I have learned that these principles work in any family and will contribute to making our students’ studies more inclusive rather than exclusive of the family.”