A total of 107 Henley Business School Africa MBA students have graduated this year, the highest number ever, representing 62% of Henley’s worldwide graduates. 36 of those students travelled to Henley UK for the international graduation. Two South African students who received Global awards were Anand Moodley and Jan Steyn.

Jon Foster-Pedley, dean of Henley Business School Africa, said the students are mostly senior managers with an average age of 38 years, 75% of whom are black African and 42% women. “Our students are internationally assessed by the same examiners as UK, Asian and European students and are currently passing with higher marks than their international peers.”

“Henley is one of only 1% of business schools in the world, and one of four in Africa, that hold international triple accreditation from the AACSB (USA), AMBA (UK) and EQUIS (EU). This means that our students have qualified with an MBA that is recognised worldwide,” he said.

Henley Africa, based in Johannesburg, has grown 500% over the past four years. “To date over 1100 students from Henley Africa have graduated with an MBA and we now have 60% of Henley’s global MBA students at this campus. Worldwide, Henley has produced over 80 000 alumni in over 150 countries,” said Adri Drotski, MBA director.

This year Henley UK celebrates its 70th anniversary and its 25th year in South Africa. “Over the years, Henley has been the pioneer of a number of management education initiatives, including the concept of syndicate learning. The quality of learning is enhanced through a diverse group of students sharing their varied experiences and cultural differences. Over the past 20 years’ Henley opened 19 research centres and knowledge hubs worldwide that respond to the specialist needs of businesses, organisations and governments,” he said.

“In South Africa, we will continue to differentiate as one of the leading business schools in Africa, also now with a strong focus on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship with the recent launch of that division,” he said.