10 Reasons to get your MBA at Henley Business School Africa

You’ve probably read an article exactly like this before – and we’ve probably written one. But nothing you’ve read and nothing we’ve written has ever mentioned Loyiso Bala, Barry van Zyl, and Tendai ‘The Beast’ Mtawarira in the same sentence. Right?

We’re not going to miss the opportunity this time. These three South African stars have something in common that everyone should know about.

But help us out: is it that they a) are all globetrotting musicians, b) were all part of the Springbok squad that won the 2019 Rugby World Cup, or c) all hold MBAs from Henley Business School Africa?

Yes – some of them can sing. Yes – one of them is likely to win a lineout. But the right answer is c)! They are all alumni of Henley Business School Africa.

And why did they choose Henley, you ask? Not by some fluke, but because it is one of the fastest growing and most exciting business schools on the continent and the only international, quadruple-accredited business school in South Africa.

We just happen to have a list of our top 10 reasons for why you should consider joining our movement to build the people, who build the businesses, that build Africa, right here. This may seem unbelievable, but perhaps this is just the first sign that ours is a place where magic things happen.

The Reasons

  1. Your education will be of a global standard.

    That’s right: you’ll be learning in South Africa, but your assignments, your examiners, and the quality of your education will be exactly the same as if you were studying on our campuses in the UK, Denmark, Malta or Malaysia. As the only truly international business school in South Africa, Henley Africa is embedded in fast, rising and fascinating economies on three continents across the world and can help you, your staff and your company build a truly global future.

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  2.  We’re balanced around you. You have music to make, reports to write, World Cups to win, kids to raise, and hobbies to pursue – and we’re not going to get in the way of that. Our flexible programmes are designed to fit your life – not the other way around.

  3. We’re family friendly. So, when on the weekends you and your partner find yourselves at one of our workshops about parenting, relationship management, or work-life balance, you don’t need to worry about calling a babysitter. We’ll have kids’ entertainment on-site! They can watch Shrek while you learn!

  4. We’re company- and student-specific. Our assignments are tailored to you, so any project you do will be about your work, at your company, and your company’s challenges. This will give you great insight into your own workplace, and you’ll be able to receive feedback from our faculty while you’re on the go.

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  1. You gain access to leading-edge knowledge right away. This was supposed to be reason number 7 but, having just mentioned out faculty, it makes sense to put it over here. Our staff are industry experts and experienced managers, and their specialist insight is there for you to use from the moment you join us. 

  2. You invest in a lifetime of employability and opportunity. The Henley MBA opens doors: doors to your skills, doors to our fantastic international network of alumni (over 90,000 strong and counting) and companies, and doors to your future. This degree will vastly improve your personal and professional opportunities and keep you growing, no matter where you are.

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  3. We’re in the top 1% of business schools globally. Because we’re quadruple-accredited! Top academic standards bodies (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS, and the AABS) all agree that Henley Business School Africa achieves the highest standards of educational delivery and operation – and we’re delivering that education to you!

  4. Henley has been voted in the top 15 worldwide for potential to Network. The Beast, Barry, and Loyiso are just three members of our incredible global network across 150 countries. In 2020, The Economist rated us in the top 15 schools worldwide for potential to network and in the top 20 for career progression. You’re not just getting an exceptional MBA – you’re getting into an exceptional community that can take your career forward.

  5. Your company can keep track of your progress. Everyone at work is going to glow as they watch you develop into the confident, dynamic and driven executive you can be. There’ll even be cold, hard stats to prove it. This means that your chances of getting a promotion at the end of it are pretty high.

  6. We’re normal people, but we’re building something extraordinary. That something? Your capabilities. Your company. Your country. Your continent. Let’s build them together.

So? What do you think? Have you heard of a place like Henley Business School Africa before? We hadn’t – that’s why we built it. That’s why we’re here. We hope that you’ll join us.


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