Why side hustling benefits companies and workers

Despite side hustling being deeply stigmatised it has become largely popular and can actually be beneficial in a number of ways for both companies and workers.

The John Perlman Show, Radio 702, 16th June 2021 with Jon Foster-Pedley, Henley Business School Africa dean and director.

Jon Foster-Pedley speaks to John Perlman about the rising popularity of side hustling, as well as a study Henley conducted looking into the sector. They also look at destigmatising doing this additional work and how it can benefit both companies and workers.

Foster Pedley defines side hustling as doing something you’re pretty fairly passionate about or normally, something that you’re interested in… and you build up some revenue over time.

He states that “Side hustling has been deeply stigmatised… and we didn’t feel like it was right because it turns out, side hustling is very beneficial to organisations for a number of reasons.”

In this 702 interview Perlman and Foster-Pedley address the following points around this topic

  • What is side hustling?
  • Do people take on second jobs as a way to advance in their respective careers or a means to generate more income in a tough job market and shrinking economy?
  • How does one go about getting started with finding a side hustle and balancing it with their main job?
  • What are the benefits of taking on a second job?

Click here to listen to the discussion.

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