Henley Africa joins CIU partnership to drive NextGen educational excellence

Henley Business School Africa has joined the Consortium of Innovative Universities (CIU) an inter-regional network of high performing educational institutions that strives to enhance and transform traditional education methods to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Henley Business School Africa has joined the Consortium of Innovative Universities (CIU), a group of high performing educational institutions from around the world that aims to foster new connections, exchange ideas, and collaborate to create impactful solutions for future challenges. The common pool of resources and intellectual capabilities will ensure learners can benefit from a broader range of assets.

"This is an incredibly exciting time for African education, and I'm thrilled Henley Africa gets to be part of this global team pushing things forward," said Jon Foster-Pedley, dean of Henley Business School Africa. "When you bring different perspectives together like this, you get the sparks of creativity and innovation that can really make a difference. Our students and faculty will be able to collaborate with peers from across the world to develop new ways of thinking and learning that will benefit everyone involved. There's huge potential here, and I can't wait to see the fresh ideas and entrepreneurial energy that will come out of this partnership."

Foster-Pedley adds that a key objective of this inter-regional network is to achieve NextGen educational excellence by equipping learners with the critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, collaboration, and digital literacy skills needed to thrive in a dynamic and interconnected world.

“NextGen educational excellence embraces global perspectives and promotes interdisciplinary learning and innovative teaching methods including experiential learning, which is something we at Henley Africa prioritise. The recent launch of our new research centre Henley Explore: Immersive Cases and Immersive Experiences is testament to our mission to stay abreast of technological innovation in education.”

Through the CIU, member institutions can host, co-organise, and jointly participate in all major events, annual conferences, competitions, and exchange opportunities. Any major opportunities within the partner institutions are also shared within the CIU.

Pavana Kiranmai Chivuri, Head of Learner-Centred Innovation at Woxsen University, a leading private university in India, and the founder of the CIU, said “As we continue to foster excellence and innovation in education, research, and collaboration, the addition of Henley Business School, Africa marks an exciting milestone for our consortium. With their renowned reputation for academic excellence and dedication to empowering the next generation of leaders, we are confident that their presence will enrich our collective efforts and strengthen the CIU's mission.”

Chivuri added that establishing partnerships and engaging in mutual knowledge-sharing has been at the core of CIU's success. “We firmly believe that the addition of Henley Business School, Africa, with its unique perspectives, expertise, and cultural diversity, will significantly contribute to our collaborative projects and initiatives.”

The CIU includes members from countries such as the USA, Brazil, China, Russia, and Hungary. Henley Business School Africa and Milpark Education are the first African educational partner institutions to join the consortium.

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