South Africa’s Jimi Hendrix: Dan Patlansky

Why do musicians take drugs? How & why has Dan Patlansky avoided this? And what is the source of his incredible talent? Listen here for these answers & more

South Africa’s Jimi Hendrix

A Henley Intelligence Podcast Featuring Global Award Winning Guitarist & Musician, Dan Patlansky.
Jon and Dan talk:

  • Rankings and ratings
  • The creative process
  • Drug usage
  • Talent, and more.

The Conversation

How did Jozi-boy, Dan Patlansky, rise to be considered one of the top five guitarists in the world?

Listen to this massively insightful #HenleyIntelligence conversation as Jon and Dan discuss rankings and ratings, the creative process, drug use, talent, and more.

Additional Listening & Resources

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