Why obtaining your MBA with Henley Business School could be right for you

Our MBA is quadrupled-accredited – in the UK, Europe, the US and Africa.

The Star, The Mercury, The Pretoria News and The Cape Times, Business Report, 15 December 2022

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IF YOU ARE reading this article, you have already begun thinking about pursuing an MBA degree. It’s the right. You’ve shown you are ambitious and committed to learn more – about yourself and about business. So, which one are you going to choose? It’s an important question because an MBA isn’t just a financial commitment, but your time too.

So, let me tell you what you will get if you get accepted at Henley Business School Africa. This degree will stretch you in ways that you haven’t been stretched before. We make no excuses about that.

We are trying to give you the tools to develop a playbook for a world very few of us have experienced; one that’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, as well as disruptive and diverse – and that was before COVID 19.

What you will get at Henley is a guarantee that if you do our MBA, it won’t be the Marriage Break up Academy, because ours is family-friendly. We understand that you have to learn while you earn. We understand that being a spouse and a parent are just as important as being a provider, a professional and a business leader.

We were the first business school in Africa to transition to virtual learning when the pandemic hit. One of the advantages of that is that you will be able to do your MBA in a blended environment; on campus or virtually, or both, depending on what best suits you.

You will also have exclusive access to some of the finest international business brains in the world, because our teachers and faculty are based in South Africa, the UK, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Malta, Malaysia – and we have visiting professors from some of the finest schools in north America.

The MBA that we will award you in just over two-and-a-half years’ time will be immediately recognised here and in the UK – that’s because even though we are a fully-fledged business school in our own right and accredited in South Africa, we are a constituent part of Henley Business School, one of the oldest business schools in Europe. Henley is part of the University of Reading, so when you do graduate, you can choose to get capped in the UK or here at home at our incredible annual graduation ceremonies – or you can do both.

Our MBA is quadrupled-accredited – in the UK, Europe, the US and Africa. There’s automatic membership of a very strong and vibrant alumni body that is now more than 100,000 strong, that literally stretches the length and the breadth of the globe. This isn’t a typical former students’ club, but one of the most powerful networking organisations imaginable, helping one another find solutions in an ever changing though very exciting world.

Without putting the cart before the horse, you should know that if you successfully the navigate our MBA – which we are committed to helping make sure you do – there’s also an opportunity to pursue a Doctor’s in Business Administration, which we run with Henley UK.

That’s what you get from us, but what do we get from you? We want our students to make a difference. We don’t want to produce the typical Master in Business Administration graduate, but an army of Masters in Building Africa and, critically, Masters in Business Activism. We build the leaders who build the businesses that build Africa. If that describes you, we would like to hear from you.

  • Henley Business School Africa is a leading global business school with campuses in Europe, Asia and Africa and the only business school in Africa to hold quadruple international accreditation. It is part of the University of Reading UK, originally an extension college of Oxford University, renowned for its leadership in climate science, finance, property management and executive education, and one of the most international universities in Britain https://www.reading.ac.uk/. Henley has been ranked as having the number 1 business school alumni network in the world for potential to network (Economist 2017); and is the number 1 African-accredited and -campused business school in the world for executive education (FT 2018, 2020,2022), as well as the number 1 MBA business school in South Africa as rated by corporate SA for the last five years (PMR.Africa 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 https://www.linkedin.com/posts/henleyafrica_henleyafrica-buldingbusiness-impactafrica-activity-6955067658534825984-xPp4/?trk=public_profile_like_view&originalSubdomain=za. Henley is committed to transformation and holds a Level 2 B-BBEE ranking. If you would like to find out how you could unlock your future with Henley Africa, go to https://www.henleysa.ac.za/

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