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The world ranking of Executive MBA programmes from the Economist shows the value and quality of our Executive MBA, positioning our course no.21 in the World, no.10 in Europe and no.3 in the UK, and highlighting strengths in a number of other areas including diversity, student quality, course content, careers, alumni network and salary increase. Today’s MBA ranking follows our recent success in both the FT Global Masters in…

The world ranking of Executive MBA programmes from the Economist shows the value and quality of our  Executive MBApositioning our course no.21 in the World, no.10 in Europe and no.3 in the UK, and highlighting strengths in a number of other areas including diversity, student quality, course content, careers, alumni network and salary increase.

Today’s MBA ranking follows our recent success in both the FT Global Masters in Finance ranking and the FT Executive Education ranking, with Henley securing a UK top five ranking for all three programmes.

The Economist Executive MBA ranking broadly measures two areas, personal development/educational experience and career development, and is an important guide for helping prospective MBA students in assessing and selecting the right educational provider for their future study.

In a competitive job market, it is vital that our MBA programme members are provided with an experience that helps with their chosen career path. Personal and professional development is a key area of focus on our global programme. We were one of the first pioneers to embed personal development in our Executive MBA. 50 years later it remains a cornerstone of our programme to this day. This is reflected in our position of no.2 in the UK and no.9 in Europe for overall personal development and educational experience.

As well as being taught by our UK-based expert academics and practitioners, students can feel assured that they will also learn from, and alongside, a strong and varied cohort of experienced executive peers, with our programme ranked in the UK top five for student quality criteria:

  • Years of work experience: No.1 in the UK and No.2 in the World
  • Years of management experience: No.1 in the UK and No.9 in the World
  • Quality of students: No.1 in the UK and No.21 in the World
  • Culture and classmates: No.1 in the UK and No.13 in the World

As a business school that champions women in leadership, we are also proud to see that we are no.2 in the UK for gender balance of students in the cohort. Additionally we are no.1 in the World for the gender balance of our faculty.

Exposure and connections across the globe and a variety of industries are an important part of any education and our strength in this area is noted in our World top 20 ranking for networking. We have campuses and offices around the world and 80,000 alumni from 160 countries and the strength of this network provides programme members with a strong resource to help build their future as successful business leaders.

  • Ability to network: no. 1 in the UK and no.14 in the World
  • Number of business school alumni branches across the World: no.2 in the UK and no.9 in the World
  • Student rating of the helpfulness of EMBA alumni: no.1 in the UK and no.21 in the World

The quality of programme content and careers service is evident from our World top 20 position for programme content, and overall careers development results:

  • Student rating of programme content: no.3 in the UK and no.17 in the World
  • Overall career development: no.3 in the UK and no.19 in the world
  • Percentage increase in salary after one year compared to pre-MBA salary: no.3 in the UK and world no.19
  • Percentage of alumni who have been promoted or grown their company since graduation: no.2 in the UK and no.9 in the World

Full results of the ranking can be viewed on the Economist website.

Find out more about our Executive MBA  here.

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