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Ivor Haarburger – Music Industry Business Lessons

Ivor Haarburger, former CEO of the Gallo/Warner Music Group, talks to Gareth Armstrong about his decades of music industry experience.

From blasting music through Marabastad to promote a record, to physically approaching each and every DJ and producer in the SABC offices, Ivor Haarburger,  THE original music industry hustler, sweat and networked and worked his way up the corporate ladder to finally occupy the very impressive office of CEO of the Gallo/Warner Music Group.

Ivor sits with Gareth Armstrong during this #AskAnExpert conversation on Henley Business Radio, and answers the question: “What can’t books and the internet teach you about the music business?”.

Other questions we explore with our expert:

  • 2:27 – Is it possible to turn a hobby into a profession?
  • 2:50 – Where is the best place to start working in a music business, and why?
  • 7:17 – What was the best decision you made early on that would then serve you for the rest of your career?
  • 10:27 – What did you do to lay the foundation for your eventual rise to CEO?
  • 11:30 – How did you hustle your way to Canne, France for the first time?
  • 15:06 – You tried and essentially failed as a young, 20-something entrepreneur – please tell us about that – I know there are some fantastic business lessons therein?
  • 17:05 – What don’t books and lectures teach about real world business in the music industry?
  • 23:20 – Do you have a “scientific core” in your business?
  • 24:15 – What is the biggest mistake Ivor made in his career?
  • And many more.

Our guests and experts in the Henley Business Radio studio this week:

  • Ivor Haarburger – former CEO of the Gallo/Warner Music Group


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