A Business Case For Sustainability With Raldu Nel

#AskAnExpert feature to discuss the business case for sustainability

After a rigorous and insightful deep dive into what sustainability is with the Dean of Henley Business School Africa, Raldu Nel, CEO of Blank Canvas Int. and Chairman of the African Sustainable Development Association, now joins Gareth Armstrong in studio for this #AskAnExpert feature to discuss the business case for sustainability.

Questions we explore with our expert:

  • Cutting away all the jargon, what is at the core of sustainability? 1:20
  • What is a sustainable business and how does that determine the business case? 3:35
  • Through what lens should we be looking at ‘Sustainable Business Performance? 4:16
  • What are the potential cost savings and bottom line impact of sustainability? 5:38
  • Where do we start? How do we start? 7:30
  • How do customers and clients come into the sustainability equation? 9:39
  • When is the best time to begin implementation of a sustainability strategy? 10:39
  • How can one see bottom line ROI for CSI and Supplier Development spend within the context of sustainable development? 13:22
  • What is ‘Near-Sourcing’? 15:01
  • Are there examples of similar types of implementations we can draw on to guide us? 16:00
  • Given the huge benefits of sustainability, should every business have a CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer)? 17:13
  • What are examples of businesses that are doing this both well and successfully? 19:06
    And many more.

Our guests and experts in the Henley Business Radio studio this week:

  • Raldu Nel, CEO of Blank Canvas Int. and Chairman of the African Sustainable Development Association

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