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Time to double down on innovating - the war we must win

Time to double down on innovating - the war we must win

Message from Jon


Keep on keeping on.

It’s unimaginable now, where we are. But it will pass; though what state will we be in when it has?

Fighting the virus is our battle, one we must win. But our war is to come out of this in good shape to reconstruct a new South Africa, a new idea of a nation in a changed world, and in a position to build prosperity for all of our people, not just a few. And each nation is in the same war.

It may seem absurd to think of this when our immediate battle is so pressing, but not to win this war will make the cost of our battles too great to bear.

Right now, one of the greatest services we can do for our society is to understand how to work in complexity, how to be generous, how to keep the value-generating activities going under new
conditions, how to change lenses, how to sustain and grow an economy in new ways. How should we think and manage?

This is a short talk about the need to keep on keeping on and how that, in the end, is our greatest service.




Dean and director and Henley Africa, activist, speaker and educator. Founder and chair of MBAid (NGO). Founder of #CorporateActivism #NoMoreBribes #NewAfricanHeroes #FamilyFriendlyLearning, #HenleyICE, #HenleyFIRE, #HenleyEARTH (Environmental Activism through Research and Training @Henley).

Driver of ‘We build the people, who build the businesses, that build Africa’

Director and designer of MBA, leadership and executive programmes. 30 years in strategy, creativity and innovation. Director of innovation centre in New Zealand. Resource at YPO Africa Ignite. Also ex-airline captain, senior executive in the European aerospace industry, aerobatics competitor, flight examiner and instructor.

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