Untrend to uptrend for a future fit business

Untrend to uptrend for a future fit business

Message from Carmen

Everyone is suffering from Future Shock. Too much change in too short a period of time as Alvin Toffler would describe it.  COVID-19 taught us one thing. Speed trumps over perfection.  Businesses now, more than ever, need to ensure they don’t chase the new as this is short lived.  Chasing value is the key, because this is long lived and will enable your business be fit for the future.  Doing so, requires some brave conversations that businesses needs to face, and Carmen Murray tackles them in her 21 min lesson with #HenleyAfrica #21Lessons.


Carmen Murray is the founder of Boo-Yah!  a leading Modern Marketing Business that provides a number of initiatives that ensure businesses become Future Fit ™.  She is one of the most influential marketers in Africa and was recently recognised by Meltwater as the top Women in Tech in Africa, 2019.  She also received the most prestigious awards, a Black Pixel, IAB Bookmarks 2019 for her best individual contribution to Digital, Africa 2019.

Her unique spark and personality, has made her one of the continent’s most sought-after speakers, also ensures that it’s fun and inspiring for you and your staff while delivering game-changing insights and practical applications that will push the boundaries and create new Mantra's to set you and your teams up for success.

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