Lynn Baker – Executive Presence and Public Speaking

Do you have "Executive Presence"? What is the link between this and public speaking? Listen to this interesting #HenleyAfrica conversation with Lynn Baker.

Gareth Armstrong sits with Lynn Baker, a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, a Professional Speaker and successful Businesswoman, and interrogates the need for public speaking training as well as the development of what Lynn calls “Executive Presence”.

Questions we explore with our expert:

  • How does Executive Presence differ from Public Speaking? 3:56
  • Why do some executives and speakers feel unauthentic? 10:50
  • What is it that one really needs to connect with an audience? 13:04
  • What is the biggest mistake made by executives when presenting or speaking in public? 15:04
  • What is the ultimate test of our public speaking ability? 18:05
  • Is there a way of overcoming the fear and anxiety associated with being in front of someone? 26:46
  • And many more.

Our guests and experts in the Henley Business Radio studio this week:

  • Lynn Baker – Founder: Executive Presence and Public Speaking Coach


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