Connected Africa 2040 and your role in it

Connected Africa 2040 and your role in it


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Phathizwe Malinga is the Managing Director of SqwidNet, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dark Fibre Africa. He is responsible for building an Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity business in South Africa in partnership with international IoT giant Sigfox and is driving innovation through IoT by working closely with SqwidNet’s ecosystem of partners.

Malinga is passionate about the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and the impact it will have on Africa’s life expectancy. With IoT being the cornerstone of data-driven decision-making, he is exposed to amazing Africans, in business and society, using IoT and other 4IR technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine-learning, and robotics to continuously improve their products and services, and our quality of life.

He has been involved in the information technology and the telecommunications industry for over two decades. Before joining SqwidNet, Malinga was the Head of Software Development and IT Application Strategy at Life Healthcare Group.

He completed his Executive MBA from the Graduate School of Business, Cape Town and continues to guest lecture with the university. He is also a faculty member of Singularity University, and finally, is privileged to sit on the board of Bizmod Consulting (Pty) Ltd as a non-executive director. Malinga is also one of the founding members of the IoT Industry Council of South Africa, the country’s first IoT industry representative body.

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