Neuroscience of sameness - a different look at inclusion

Neuroscience of sameness - a different look at inclusion


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Why the brain is instinctively attracted to people who look, act, sound and behave the same and what we can do to rewire our brains to value the possibilities of inclusion



Timothy Maurice Webster is the Author of four brand leadership books, one leadership memoir and consults & speaks on the science of Human & Brand Behavior.  His research and focus is based on three influence pillars; Brain Potential – Behavioral Science and Brand Influence.  Timothy has worked in Africa and emerging markets for the past decade.

Timothy’s education is in Business Management, Branding, Psychology and Applied Neuroscience from Brookstone College in the US and Massachusetts Institute of Technology- MIT. His insights inspire dialogue and critical thinking about brain and brand behavior- inspiring stakeholders to consider broader and more strategic problem solving for their personal and organizational brands.
His research is particularly influential in the following Professional Leadership Domains- Executive leadership, Brand Influence & Gender Equality.  His clients are those who seek to influence and expand themselves, their organizations and society.  He’s passionate about mentoring, sport and art.

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