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Government in Motion


Message from Rashika Padarath & Andile Skosana

The lockdown we are living under is unprecedented for all of us. However, it’s less evident how momentous and even exciting this moment may be for officials working in government in RSA right now. Everything has changed in terms of the ‘rules of engagement’.

Among other things:

1. This is the first time in South Africa where the exercise of executive power is in place – this is the test of the Disaster Management Act, 2002. Moreover, it is also the first time that there is NO requirement for public consultation – only public obedience.

2. There is a mandate to have essential (mainly, municipal) services operational where in the past 10 years municipalities have been failing routinely and more regularly.

3. RSA has also made some tough choices in our COVID response, perhaps out of necessity. However, this has highlighted the inequalities and shortcomings of our society.

Rashika and Andile want to share their deep interest in the mechanics of making public institutions work by reflecting on how this may be a time for true creativity within the state. And, that it IT’S possible to work with government, whoever you are.


Rashika Bio


Rashika is the co-founder and owner of a boutique advisory firm called Andira Urban Services. The company has three streams and focuses on providing urban planning; research and design; and, facilitation and integration consulting services to the private and public sector as well as various tertiary Institutions.

She has 10 years of experience of working at different levels in government and about 10 years of experience in consulting to government in various capacities. She also teaches a masters course on municipal planning. Further to her government experience, she spends time at business schools designing, facilitating and integrating programmes of leadership.

The nexus of these worlds fuels her core passion of working with people to understand themselves better so that they can respond effectively to the various spaces that they find themselves in.


Andile Bio


Andile Skosana leads CityCon Africa – a boutique project packaging advisory firm. He is a town planner by training and a development strategist. His professional focus is on providing support and advice to mainly government around major projects and implementation for impact.

He has spent 6 years in corporate, 6 years running private companies and 5 years in local government.

Andile draws from his experience in the private and public sector that commenced by leading IDP in the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality; went on to lead his own ventures focusing on City Improvement Districts and development policy advice; led the South African chapter of the KPMG Global Cities Centre of Excellence (4 years); and, most recently, served as Client Director: Government Afrika at Aurecon South Africa (2,5 years).

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