Covid 19 - A Blessing and A Curse

Covid 19 - A Blessing and A Curse


Message from Puleng


The corona virus has devastating impact on humanity and life, but also an undercurrent of deep reflection and connection that may potentially create a permanent positive change – a necessary pause of humanity to stop and think about life and purpose. How do we navigate the paradoxes of the Covid era using design thinking. Thinking in the moment. Being responsive. Creating.  In this session I will talk about the power of integrative thinking and its ability to generate the creative tension to unleash the alchemy of design thinking in order to reframe, reimagine, reinvent.




Dr. Puleng has a passion for creativity, design thinking and innovation. She has twenty years of experience working in the private sector, government and in higher educational institutions. Her academic background entails a BSc in Computer Science and Statistics, an MBA and a PhD in Business Management from the University of Cape Town.

Her international peers have recognised Makhoalibe as a global leader in creativity and innovation. In 2013, she received an award recognising her contribution to the international community of innovators and creatives. In 2016, she received an Africa Social Innovation Leadership Award. In 2019 she received an award to be part of the women leaders of the world and became a lead for the cohort. She had now joined the women leaders of the world council. She headed up the center of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (ICE) at Henley Business School. She co-founded two startups: the Alchemy Inspiration and Upside Global. Knowinnovation, a company accelerating interdisciplinary scientific innovation and for Inclusive Innovation, which focuses on innovation in developing countries. She is a speaker, panelist, facilitator, and an innovation and design thinking consultant.


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