Dr. Adeyinka Adewale

Adeyinka Adewale is a Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at the Henley Business School. He is a member of both the Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Centre for Social and Organisational Studies (CSOS).

His doctoral research was in the field of business ethics with a special focus on contexts, especially bureaucracies and their impact on employee morality. The research drew on socio-cognitive theories such as the Moral Identity theory and Kohlberg’s Cognitive Moral Development theory within the Pharmaceutical industry context of a developing country to understand how bureaucratic contexts interact with employees’ moral identities. His current research focus spans business ethics, CSR and entrepreneurship in the context of emerging economies.

He is currently the school Deputy Director of Studies in the department of Leadership Organisations and Behaviour.

Sam Immanuel

Leads the Semicolon team to deliver on our promise of enabling inclusive and profitable growth through technology and innovation.

Sam started his career as a Consultant and Software Engineer with Accenture in London focused on financial services customers like Barclays Bank and UBS Warburg. He later worked Man Investments (the largest listed hedge fund at the time) building trading platforms and supporting quarterly launch of new investment products looking to raise between $400M – $500M.

Following the financial crisis of 2008, he joined IBM and led the Channel Business for Industry Solutions across Central, East and West Africa (CEWA). In this role, he worked with clients on digital transformation projects across Oil & Gas, Utilities, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Public Sector.

He later joined SAP to establish the SAP Telecoms business in West Africa with a key focus on digital services that enabled Telecoms clients to partner with other industries mainly financial services and utility companies. The focus of these engagements involved partnership between Telecoms providers and Utility Companies around metering, billing and asset management using SAP capabilities.

More recently, he worked with Teradata in the US helping clients implement and adopt advanced analytics capabilities within broader digital transformation agendas. Notable projects in this role include autonomous driving with a large car manufacturer in the Detroit area and transforming supply chain operations from reactive to proactive for Dow Chemical.

He co-founded The Innovation Village a co-working space for techpreneurs in Yaba and is focused on how to tech-enable all industries to enable scale and growth that drives economic development.