Jon Foster-Pedley

Dean and director and Henley Africa, activist, speaker and educator. Founder and chair of MBAid (NGO). Founder of #CorporateActivism #NoMoreBribes #NewAfricanHeroes #FamilyFriendlyLearning, #HenleyICE, #HenleyFIRE, #HenleyEARTH (Environmental Activism through Research and Training @Henley).

Driver of ‘We build the people, who build the businesses, that build Africa’

Director and designer of MBA, leadership and executive programmes. 30 years in strategy, creativity and innovation. Director of innovation centre in New Zealand. Resource at YPO Africa Ignite. Also ex-airline captain, senior executive in the European aerospace industry, aerobatics competitor, flight examiner and instructor.


Prof Andrew Godley

Professor Andrew Godley is the Associate Dean International at the Henley Business School, and the Academic Director of the Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship. He has served as a board member for several learned societies and leading academic journals that support the development of research and new knowledge in entrepreneurship and in business history. His research covers a wide range of topics in the areas of entrepreneurship, technological change and consumer behaviour. He was a policy advisor to the UK government during most of the 2000s, helping to redesign government support for SME exporting strategies.


Musa Kalenga

Born in Zambia, Musa Kalenga has lived in Scotland, Botswana and England. He currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. Musa is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who is passionate about using technology to empower the digitally invisible.

As CEO and Founder of Bridge Labs, Musa addresses the problem of gaining access to appropriate online tools for entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Businesses (SMB’s) by building mobile platforms to support growth in emerging markets. He also holds the position of Chief Future Officer at House of Brave, a creative advertising agency. As a respected thought leader in the marketing industry, Musa advises on digital marketing strategy for businesses with his Marketing in a Digital World Executive Programme.