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Growth Hacking Your Digital Business

Growth Hacking Your Digital Business


Growth hacking your digital business

“What will a Post Covid world look like?” A question we all wonder about, but the more important question is “What will your world look like, Post Covid?” The rules are breaking, and that brings new opportunities. Don’t be too attached to the old world order; empires rise and fall, it is the way of the world.

In his session Allon Raiz will guide you to reframe the way you see and experience the singular moment we find ourselves in, and in doing so, notice possibility and frame it as opportunity. A time of exponential change demands that we grow exponentially too. Allon puts some route markers down for the journey.



Allon Raiz

Allon Raiz is regarded both locally and globally as a pioneer and maverick in the business-incubation industry. He is the founder and CEO of Raizcorp which, according to The Economist, is the only genuine incubator in Africa and which currently supports over 500 businesses.

Allon is the author of three entrepreneurial books including the best-selling Lose the Business Plan and What to Do When You Want to Give Up. He hosted the first national radio show on entrepreneurship in South Africa in 2004; wrote and hosted the first South African prime-time entrepreneurship reality television show; and created and published an ongoing entrepreneurial cartoon strip. Allon is currently hosting his eighth season of the popular The Big Small Business Show on Business Day TV, has been a regular columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine and has a weekly radio slot on Power FM.


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