Exec Ed Info Session Linda Buckley | Frans van der Colff | Rashika Padarath | Leeann Naidoo

Exec Ed Info Session Linda Buckley | Frans van der Colff | Rashika Padarath | Leeann Naidoo


Exec Ed Info Session


Hosted by Linda Buckley | Frans van der Colff | Rashika Padarath | Leeann Naidoo




In this session, we will explain the teaching and learning philosophies we use in Executive Education. We will focus on storytelling to show the power of anecdotal learning to create theories that are relevant for one’s context and to translate and practice them in the workplace incubator.


Speaker Bio Jrf Linda Buckley

About the Speaker


Linda Buckley is the Head of Learning Experience and Director for Executive Education at Henley. Her purpose is to be a part of the development of others – both internally to the business and externally. She has a passion for education which drives daily performance – her passion for people drives the way she interacts; every interaction is important and valuable. She hopes to lead a meaningful life in service to others and to leave indelible footprints on souls.


Speaker Bio Jrf Frans Van Der Colff

About the Speaker


Frans van der Colff is an experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry. He is skilled in Negotiation, Budgeting, Business Planning, Operations Management, and Strategic Management. He holds a Master’s Degree focused in Strategic Planning from Heriot-Watt University and is faculty at Henley Business School.


Speaker Bio Jrf Leeann Naidoo

About the Speaker


Leeann Naidoo
UK MBA qualified, with strong business acumen, Leeann is a director level change management consultant, designer of customised learning programmes, author, lecturer, executive coach and key note speaker with over 24-years of international experience, the last 19 of which have been with blue-chip consulting firms such as EY, Deloitte, Capgemini, PwC and universities like Henley Business School and Stellenbosch University.

An internationally accredited coach with the IIC&M, and over 8,000 coaching hours, Leeann’s areas of specialisms include business coaching (from start-ups to restructures), and neuroscience-based Leadership Development and Executive Coaching.

She runs an International Coaching magazine www.international-coaching-news.net and her book, The Mind Age™: Mastering your Infinite Mind for Success – for 2040 and beyond, has been featured on national television (SABC2) and Talk Radio 702 several times.



About the Speaker


Rashika Padarath is the co-founder and owner of Andira Urban Services. She is an urban planner who specializes in sustainability and stakeholder dialogues. Rashika designs and delivers custom dialogues to organizations utilizing appropriate dialogue methods and tools. She has been active in the field of dialogue for more than eight years and has had the privilege to provide dialogue services to both the private and public sector. During this time, Rashika has honed her skills of using dialogue as a philosophy to help teams and organizations better understand each other as they work together. Applied ethics is often core to the design and delivery of dialogue processes. Rashika is a seasoned facilitator that works with several institutions and Henley Business School where she facilitates in the areas of urban planning, sustainability, dialogue, operations and leadership. She also undertakes research in planning, sustainability and dialogue and has written both her Master’s thesis on different aspects of these concepts. She is currently the Head of Department for Undergraduate Programmes at Henley Business School.



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