4 Key Lessons from Sports Elite that affect Everyone

4 Key Lessons from Sports Elite that affect Everyone


Message from Mark



What can we learn from very elite sportsmen that impacts our own lives? It turns out there are 4 key lessons that will impact how we navigate these VUCA times, which demand exceptional resilience. Explore with Mark these practical insights and how they will add value to both yours and your clients lives. (This presentation was given to some of the top 90 doctors at Risky Business Conference (organised by Red Cross Children’s Hospital) days before SA COVID-19 explosion.)




Mark’s life-long passion for resilience started when he was penning a Master’s dissertation on stress and coping strategies and then completed his Ph.D. in developing individuals’ resilience in a financial services setting (longitudinal study). He has applied his resilience model to a wide-range of highly demanding professions e.g.: surgeons, portfolio managers, IT project roll-out teams, actuarial product development teams, senior leadership and staff alike.

He travels around the world presenting on resilience in the UK, Canada, Australia, Bermuda, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana.

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