Shifting Happiness

Shifting Happiness



Message from Candace Ristic


Research shows that only 10% of our happiness is defined by our external environment, while 90% of our happiness is defined by our  view of the world. How do we shift gears for increased happiness?




Executive, Group & Performance Coach, Time to Think accredited facilitator, Divorce, Family & Workplace Mediator, Programme Director & Faculty Executive Education.

Candace started her career in the rag trade, moving through the supply and value chain at different times from concept design, to manufacture, to shelf. Candace managed a supply, and in-store, team and founded two successful clothing brands.

Building on her passion for developing potential in self and others, Candace used her drama background and workplace experience to move into development training. This has led to a fulfilling 17-year career in people development through facilitating, counselling and coaching in which Candace has upskilled and gained necessary qualifications to meet the growing needs of her clients and business. A certified coach, councillor, workplace mediator, divorce and family mediator and Nancy Kline Time to Think facilitator, Candace is well positioned to work with her clients to reach their potential through heightened levels of self-awareness and personal mastery. Candace has mediated divorces, workplace and team conflict, and is effective in managing a restorative justice process.

Four years ago, Candace became part of core delivery team at Henley Business School. Candace has been working at Henley Business School in Executive Education (South Africa) as a Programme Director in a contract position, and faculty in her area of expertise. Candace’ role, in broad brushstrokes, is to assist in managing client relationship and working with the EE team to deliver bespoke programmes that meets agreed client outcomes.

In early 2019 Candace was made an Executive Education Fellow by the University of Reading and Henley Business School.

Candace is able to proficiently facilitate and deliver well designed blended learning days in various aspects of personal mastery, coaching and mentoring, creating healthy and effective relationships, and thinking environments®, all underpinned by a basis in neuroscience. Candace designs, runs, and delivers Executive Coaching programmes in Corporates. Candace is familiar with working with CHE accredited programmes.

Candace has facilitated (groups of 5 to 40 delegates), coaching (group, and one on one), on site work observation & coaching. Candace has successfully negotiated conflict between individuals and  teams and is proficient in high level learning & development design. Candace is a keen systems thinker, and proficient at facilitating a low-level systems thinking day.

Candace is finding unique ways of bringing delight and unexpected pleasure to those around her, in both her personal & professional life. Candace is stimulated by challenges and enjoys looking at ingenious ways to meet them. Candace is passionate about her own continued personal development ,as well as the growth of others. A passionate learner, Candace is completing her MBA through Henley Business School.

Candace values harmonious relationships and likes creating strategies that have high levels of reciprocity.

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