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Undergraduate Open Class

Undergraduate Open Class


Position yourself for the Future world of work with the right skills

Do you have the right skills to grow your career in the future? In this session we identify some of these key skills you need to best position yourself and succeed in your career. We will show you how our programmes will help you develop these skills.

Part 2:

We operate in a VUCA world and in finding solutions, we need to understand the system in which we operate.  As part of what we will cover we will discuss:

  • the changing world of work
  • understanding different perspectives
  • complex vs complicated

Part 3 Financial and Business Acumen

Do you understand how your business/company makes and uses money? Do you know how to interpret “Revenue” and “EBITDA” to make smarter and more informed business decisions?

Our programmes will help you develop an understanding of business disciplines beyond finance and accounting

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