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PGDip Open Class

PGDip Open Class


If you are considering enrolling with Henley for our Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice – general or Africa focus, join us for a free PGDip Open Class on Saturday 30th January 2021. Henley faculty, Tebogo Mekgoe, will give a virtual workshop on strategy and systems thinking, followed by a practical learning session in breakout groups. This Open Class is also open to anyone considering the other programmes on Henley’s Learning Pathway. Join us for an insight into the Henley ethos and learning experience before making your decision.


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About the Speaker

With over sixteen years of aviation, transport, tourism and executive management experience, Tebogo is a well-rounded professional with profound experience in strategy and leadership. He is the Co-founder and Executive Director or Orenda Advisory and Strategy and former Head of MBA at Henley.

Tebogo’s approach and philosophy to organisational dynamics, and life in general, is considered by many to be counter-intuitive yet refreshing and illuminating. He has a passion for holistic thinking and working through complexity to come up with effective and simple solutions to problems. In line with his approach and philosophy, Tebogo has applied Systems Thinking extensively, and to great effect, in his management practice. His view of Systems Thinking is that it is a language that is a powerful tool for communicating and clarifying complexities and interdependencies. It is an approach that he passionately believes should be applied to management and organisational complexities as it is more naturally suited to the task. Tebogo is also part of the adjunct faculty at Henley Business School in South Africa, where he lectures in Systems Thinking.

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