The Great Management Reset Jon Foster-Pedley Dean and Director – Henley Business School

The Great Management Reset Jon Foster-Pedley Dean and Director – Henley Business School


The Great Management Reset


Hosted by Jon Foster-Pedley  |  Dean and Director – Henley Business School



Jobs have changed significantly over the last few years. It’s not only COVID, nor the rapid change of technology and the adoption of industry 4.0 and beyond, nor the massive international challenges of climate, population and destruction of our natural world, but it’s also the evolving nature of global politics, new ideas of capitalism and new expectations people have of prosperity and quality of life.

This means what we call work and what we call jobs have changed for ever. Research shows that in some countries only half the current workforce has the skills for the current economy let alone for the emerging future economy. Education institutions haven’t proved they can deliver in time and we have to make radical changes – changes in the nature of technology,  of capitalism, of business of international connection and collaboration.

Jon will be talking about the seven critical skills and attitudes we need to reset work and to navigate a successful future and, build a better world.


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About the Speaker


It takes a multi-talented leader, innovative businessperson and expert in curriculum design to direct Henley Business School South Africa. Dean and Director Jonathan Foster-Pedley has worked in six continents and has over thirty years of global business experience. He is a former airline pilot and senior executive in the European aerospace industry, and has guided and facilitated cohesion and productivity in international and local multicultural sales and marketing and management teams. He is also an entrepreneur, a leading academic and coach (working as a visiting professor in Strategy, Creativity and Innovation), and a writer and blogger. He is Vice Chair for the South Africa Business Schools Association.


Foster-Pedley’s expertise in strategy, creativity, design, thinking and innovation are key features of the Henley MBA curriculum. He has developed hands-on programmes designed to stimulate innovative business thinking strategies, to increase productivity in the workplace, and to develop self-confidence, self-belief, creativity, proactivity and out-of-the-box thinking. Foster-Pedley has the business acumen, the academic prowess, and the social conscience to direct Henley students so that they reach the full productive potential in every facet of their daily lives.

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