The shared world - empathy and connectedness

The shared world - empathy and connectedness


Message from John

The Shared World is a powerful introduction into the Vlismas school of thought – think of it as a crash course in Empathy. You will leave with six principles you can apply immediately in order to embed yourself into the network of interpersonal intelligence that exists between all human beings.

Taught from birth to understand strangers by their differences, John sensed this was a limiting idea.

By working hard to understand the self, he realised that the common ground we share is a far more fertile source of knowledge about others. By knowing the self, we become intuitive about others.




John was awarded an MBA scholarship at Henley Business School in 2017. His involvement there has seen him co-design and facilitate course material with Dr Puleng Makhoalibe. John is part of the team tasked with designing and executing the Henley Impact Series Globally. This event has been to Lagos and Munich and is scheduled for Dubai, Denmark and Trinidad in 2020.

Described by those who attend his talks and learning sessions as a disruptive thinker who is able to articulate complex concepts in an accessible, entertaining way, John has taken on
institutions and worked to shake their foundations using his following to add momentum.


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