How to Build your Personal Brand Carmen Murray Founder of Carmen Murray Communications

How to build your Personal Brand


How to build your Personal Brand


Hosted by Carmen Murray – Founder of Carmen Murray Communications




Change is the most constant thing in our lives, and for your Job Reset to take place, it requires creative ways to build authority in your area of expertise.  Through trust, you boost your reputation, and this is how you motivate others to do business with you.

Whether you are unemployed, an entrepreneur, or climbing the corporate ladder, Carmen Murray will share the benefits of building your brand and the step by step manual to take matters into your own hands.

I believe you now have everything you need from me for the talk.


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About the Speaker


Carmen Murray is a successful entrepreneur on a mission to change the way we do Marketing.  She takes a no-nonsense approach to help organisations escape “old-school” marketing and keep them relevant to the time we now live in. Marketing is in a “state of flux” and it takes a marketing activist to get you back on track. Carmen has been a keynote speaker in over 40 countries and a passionate Podcaster.


Murray is one of the most influential marketers in South Africa and was recognised by Meltwater as one of the top Women in Tech in Africa (2019) and also received the most prestigious award, the IAB Black Pixel (2019) for Best Individual Contribution to Digital. She is also the exclusive representative of The Connected Marketer™ in Africa which includes CX, UX, AI and Mobile.

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