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Job Hunting with Creativity

Job Hunting with Creativity


Join author and global HR thought leader Deborah Hartung and her special guest, global talent sourcer and sourcing trainer, Vanessa Raath as they share insider secrets, knowledge, tips and tricks about:

  • Global trends in the Future of Work;
  • Emerging job market trends in SA;
  • The importance of personal branding, social media presence and having a vision for your career;
  • Employer branding and finding your tribe through smart networking and social media use; and
  • Crafting and executing your personal job reset strategy.

By the end of this engaging and energetic session, you will be able to hit the job reset button and step into your future with clarity and confidence.


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About the Speaker


Deborah Hartung


Encouraging Business & HR leaders to be unapologetically YOUnique, Deborah Hartung is a leadership and culture changemaker with 20 years’ experience in all things HR. An active participant in the global HR community, Deborah is considered an HR influencer and thought leader, having created the DIRC Model of Performance and Culture development. In her first book, Talent Liberation, Deborah offers an exciting alternative to traditional performance management and the annual performance appraisal.


Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Deborah is a 20 year veteran of the HR industry. Having worked in employee relations and litigation, corporate HR Management, Talent Management consulting as well as HR & Digital Transformation projects and Organisational Change Management, Deborah has a ‘people first’ approach to workplace transformation. When she’s not working to change the world of work, one team at a time, Deborah spends as much time as possible taking her 2 children on adventures and exposing them to the comedic genius that is Seinfeld.


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About the Speaker


Vanessa Raath

Vanessa Raath is a Talent Sourcer Trainer who is passionate about training Recruiters to source the best talent more effectively and efficiently than their competitors. She has trained a large number of recruitment agencies, as well as many internal Talent Acquisition Teams, throughout South Africa. During this pandemic, she has also trained several companies abroad in places like Australia, the UK and the USA. Vanessa also still actively works as a Talent Sourcer and she has clients based across the globe. She knows that by staying active and operational in this space, she is better equipped to train others to source candidates better. Her speciality lies in the Tech space as this is where her experience lies.

Currently, Vanessa is the Head Cheerleader, or Owner, of The Talent Hunter. When she is not training Recruiters to source, or sourcing herself, you will probably find her delivering a keynote presentation on a stage near you.

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